Trig Point Charlie

Man standing next to Trig Point in rocks

This illustrated talk is a light-hearted look at how concrete blocks (Trig points) came to be built on so many of our hill tops.

Speaker: Alastair Clark

Audience feedback from previous presentations by Alastair: ‘engaging style’, ‘informative’ , ‘I learned something but it was amusing as well’

Group at Trig PointHere are some links which may be of interest after attending the session

Where is Paris? Ou se trouve Londres?
An account of the triangulation between London and Paris in the eighteenth century.
Royal Society Paper

William Roy – the ‘founder’ of the Ordnance Survey
Major General Roy led the work to measure a triangulation base line on Hounslow Heath which was the starting point for triangulating the distance to Paris. William Roy

Triangulation of Britain
Triangulation explained
During the first part of the nineteenth century Britain was surveyed using triangulation 1783 – 1853
Primary Triangulation

The country was then surveyed again in the twentieth century and it was in the period 1935 – 1962 that our current Trig Points were erected.
Retriangulation of Britain

Trig point enthusiasts

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  1. Don’t Miss Trig Point Charlie – 5th February. Light hearted look at why we have concrete blocks on hill tops. « Don't Get Lost Says:

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